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Apr 21, 2020

Branding - Equine assisted therapy

A large animal will unavoidably bring to surface a variety of different emotions, some of which an individual may have never experienced before. A horse is a wonderful mirror for emotional expression, reflecting and giving immediate feedback with its own behaviour.

-Päivi Kalliorinne, Petram Terapiapalvelut

In November of last year, I traveled to Finland to create some branding images for a new company providing equine- and dog assisted therapy in Finland. In equine assisted therapy, a horse plays an important role in therapy, working together with a therapist and the client. A horse can reflect to and act as a translator of sorts for the client's emotions, helping an individual understand what they're feeling and experiencing. As seen in the image below, in addition to horses, Petram also has samoyed dogs that can help in the process. 

The look we were going for was calm, soft, and reflective of the connection between a horse and human. We spent a few hours capturing different situations in the environment in which most of the work is carried out. Of course, individual portraits of the therapists and therapy animals were also captured to be displayed on their website. 

Petram is located in picture perfect, peaceful countryside sceneries in Lumijoki, Finland. The environment, the experienced professionals and the well-trained therapy horses and dogs provide a safe environment for personal growth and well-being. I truly look forward to going back this year to capture more summery images of the team! 

Having up-to-date, professional images can truly make a difference for your business. It gives potential clients a glimpse behind the scenes and increases trust. Professional images that showcase who you are and what you do are a thoughtful, necessary investment into your brand. 

Are you a business owner looking to update your online presence and branding images? Get in touch by email or by filling in the contact form here to receive a personalised quote for your specific needs! 

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