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May 26, 2020

Dog and Owner

This stunning couple are Rosa and Misla, both originally from Finland but now living in the beautiful city of The Hague! We got together right before sunset to capture some portraits of them at the Paleistuin, which is one of my favourite spots for city centre sessions. It not only provides gorgeous flowers and greenery, but is also surrounded by historical buildings, allowing for some lovely variety in the images.

Misla is already nine years old, but she sure wasn't letting that hold her down! She seemed perfectly happy, active and young at heart, munching on her favorite snack (carrots) and showing off all the tricks she could do. And she could do a lot!

She also has the cutest blue spot in her otherwise brown right eye! Every animal has something special and unique about them, and I love being able to capture that. I think it's so important to have something more than a memory to remember those little things by when someday we have to say goodbye to our best friends.

Your dog is welcome to join you in any session, whether you book one for your horse, yourself, or to celebrate your relationship!

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