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Jun 25, 2020

Sunset in the Scheveningen Forest

Last weekend I had the pleasure to work with two wonderful people to create these images! The model is Qiao (link to her instagram). She reached out to me two weeks ago for a collaboration and we found the wonderful Stephanie (link to her instagram) to join us and take care of the makeup for the shoot. With beautiful weather, a peaceful location and these lovely, talented people to work with, the shoot went smoothly and I personally love the results!

The location we used is situated in the Scheveningen Bosjes (forest) and is definitely one of my new favourites in The Hague! It is easy to reach both by car and public transport and provides beautiful variety, lending itself to all kinds of sessions. It is an especially fantastic spot for sessions involving horses or dogs, as it is reachable by riding trails and allows dogs to run free! During this shoot we got to say hi to a number of different, adorable dogs who seemed very keen on being models themselves!

I thought it might be nice to include some more technical information about the sessions in some of these blog posts as well, especially for my fellow photographers. These images were captured several hours before sunset using natural light, which I use 99% of the time. The camera I use and have used for all my photography is the Canon 6D and the lenses used were a Canon 85mm f1.8 and a newer addition to my collection, the Sigma 35mm f1.4, which I absolutely loved after getting used to the different feel of it! I ended up using the 35mm for most of the images in this session with the exception of those including the black dress (above) and look forward to using it more especially with families and dog/owner portraits.

A big thank you to Qiao and Stephanie for making this shoot possible, it's always wonderful to work with other creatives! 

Would you like to have your pictures taken in this location? Any one of my session options can take place in this wonderful, quiet little spot in The Hague and I would be more than happy to capture some beautiful memories for you! 

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