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Sep 29, 2019
The Sea

“I have been feeling very clearheaded lately and what I want to write about today is the sea. It contains so many colors. Silver at dawn, green at noon, dark blue in the evening. Sometimes it looks almost red. Or it will turn the color of old coins. Right now the shadows of clouds are dragging across it, and patches of sunlight are touching down everywhere. White strings of gulls drag over it like beads.

It is my favorite thing, I think, that I have ever seen. Sometimes I catch myself staring at it and forget my duties. It seems big enough to contain everything anyone could ever feel.” 

-Anthony Doerr, All the Light We Cannot See

Yesterday's shoot took place in the dunes, and by the ocean. Experiencing brief moments of sun, but mostly getting beaten by the cold rain, wind, and the occasional hail. Despite the crazy, yet undeniably typical dutch weather conditions, we managed to capture some beautiful images with Marie Strauss (and had a lot of fun doing so). This goes to show that a picture perfect golden hour is not always necessary to create something special -it can most definitely be done in the middle of a storm too!

Going into this shoot, I knew I wanted to style it up a little. Good use of fitting props often comes in handy at photoshoots. It helps in telling a story through the images, and for the person in front of the camera it allows for finding natural ways of posing, and gives your hands something to do as well! This comfy set-up for the images was created simply with a few throw blankets and pillows found at home, some dried flowers and what I believe to be either a straw fan or a wall decoration of sorts -either way, I found it to be a cute addition. In this case it all worked together perfectly to bring to life the vision I had in my mind. Of course, the aftermath included a lot of soaked, sandy laundry, but I would say it was well worth it.

Photographer: Kreetales Photography

Model: Marie Strauss

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The Sea