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Your photographer 

Hey there! I'm Kreeta, a 22 -year old photographer and psychology student. I originally come from Finland, but have  lived in the Netherlands since the end of 2016.  

I find beauty in the small everyday things and want to share that perspective through my photography. I love tea, good books, friends and festivals, as well as traveling! Being a lifetime equestrian, I also teach showjumping and train at my local riding school.  

My goal is to create with you the images you have always dreamt of! You can easily reach me by filling in the contact form below, or by sending an email to kreetales@gmail.com. I typically reply within 24 hours!  

I can't wait to get to know you! 


Get in touch -let's create something great together 

Kreetales Photography is based in Den Haag, The Netherlands

Regular availability in Finland. Available for travel elsewhere upon request.